Buying Guide for Case XX Knives

Buying Guide for Case XX Knives

 An American tradition, spanning over 100 years,  Case XX knives are arguably the most collectible knives in the world.  Specializing in natural handle materials, Case XX knives are available in many types of handle materials, and  a wide variety of colors--many of which are produced in limited editions exclusively for Shepherd Hills Cutlery. 

In addition to these collectible knives, Case XX also makes an assortment of great working knives, trusted by generations of Americans to be the best pocketknife you can buy.

So whether you are buying a knife for yourself or  as  a gift for someone else,  that’s the first question that needs to be answered.   Will this Case XX that I am purchasing be used in a collection or be carried as a knife to be put to work ?

So if you’ll make that distinction, we’ll provide you with a guide for purchasing that Case XX knife:

                    Collecting Case XX Knives                                      Case XX Knives for Use

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