Collecting Case XX Knives

Collecting Case XX Knives

We couldn’t start this section without acknowledging—one of the very best parts about knife collecting is the interaction with the other knife collectors themselves.  We have found that for the most part, knife collectors are some of the most enjoyable folks you’ll ever want to meet.  Coming from all different walks of life, all ages, all genders, there are as many different ways to collect knives as there are collectors !

What we cover here are a few of the basics of getting the most out of your collecting experience.  But, just like most other things in the world, there really is no “one size fits all”….as you start collecting, you will find the way that fits you best !

The first rule that you will hear spoken at Shepherd Hills about Knife Collecting is that you should first and foremost buy a Case XX knife because you LIKE it !  There are certain knives that appreciate in value, but none are guaranteed that distinction.   So, as long as you are adding to your collection knives that have a great appeal for you, how can you go wrong ?  Of course, when they appreciate in value, that is just icing on the cake !

Collecting Case XX Knives By Pattern
The most popular way to collect Case XX  is by the pattern of the knife.  With more than 66 patterns to choose from, selecting just one pattern can be quite easy or quite difficult….depending on how you want to look at that !  But, nevertheless, you have many options.  Find a pattern that you like and you are on your way.
(To see a listing of the patterns,click here.)

Since Case XX knives do come in such a vast array of colors, it is easy to put together an intriguing set of Case XX using only one pattern.  To show you what we mean, let’s say you selected the “peanut” as your pattern of choice.  By clicking on the peanut pattern page, you can see what a wide variety of colors and materials you can choose from to make your collection stand out.
Watching for limited editions and new releases as well as going “retro” to find an out-of-production peanut keeps your collection exciting and interesting. 

Collecting Case XX Knives By Handle Material
Another way of collecting is collecting by handle material.  With over 100 different handle materials being offered presently , it isn’t going to be hard to find options for selecting a  handle material you would like to collect.  See Handles for proof !
Choosing a handle material , again that very much appeals to you is our best advice.
You might collect by specific series like Limited Edition XX knives or Bubba Gum Bone Series. Perhaps you may want to put together a broader range of handle materials as in collecting only “shell” handled knives which would include genuine mother of pearl, gold pearl, abalone, paua and so on.  The variety in this type of collection will come from the various patterns that you will be able to find these Case XX produced in. And again, watching for limited editions, new releases, and searching for that Case XX knife made years ago in your chosen handle material, always gives added interest to your collection.

Serial Number Collectors

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery produces many Case XX knives exclusively for Shepherd Hills.  We have many collectors who collect those Shepherd Hills exclusives by reserving a specific serial number and collecting all the Shepherd Hills exclusive Case XX in that serial number for a certain pattern, certain handle material or both.
See what I’m talking about….there’s lots of different ways you can start your collection !
Mint Set Collecting

Many times when W.R. Case presents a new production family, they will offer what is known as a “Mint Set”.  Usually limited in quantity produced, with each knife serial numbered in matching numbers, and scroll work on the bolsters, a mint set is usually housed in an attractive display case ready to sit out for all to admire.  Certificates of authenticity and additional information are included in the Mint Set as a general rule.


As we mentioned at the beginning, there is an infinite number of ways that you can collect Case XX pocketknives.  Here we have tried to give you a brief look at some of the most common ways it is being done currently. 

Please feel free to email or call us if you have other questions.  We’ll do our best to tell you like it is and help you on your way !

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