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Lock and Key

Lock and Key

You know, there are quite a few options for collecting knives. Handle types, series, pattern styles, the world’s your oyster. But today’s quick blog focuses on a more practical aspect, a look at locking knives. Now locking knives, as the name suggests, are folding knives that, when open, “lock” into place to stop accidental closings […]

Case Guide 101 (Numbered and Scrolled...

Case Guide 101 (Numbered and Scrolled)

One thing that I notice fairly often is that many people are confused about what N/S means on the website. The abbreviation is a simple explanation, with just a few pieces of additional information I’ll add on to give people a clearer understanding. For the vets out there, this might be treading old ground, but […]

Case Guide 101 (Three Tips For Better...

Case Guide 101 (Three Tips For Better Knife Care)

The ability to maintain and care for you Case Pocket Knives, or knives in general, be they pocket knives, hunting knives, or kitchenware, is an important trait every person that owns a knife should know. I thought a quick heads-up on three useful tips would be a good thing to know for up and coming […]

Case Guide 101 (Buying For Collecting...

Case Guide 101 (Buying For Collecting)

  Well, we got the utilitarian aspect of knives taken care of, what with discussing blade steel types and buying them for working purposes, now we get to the design aspect and collecting! Collecting is done for a multitude of reasons. Some like certain handles, some like certain patterns, some like sets of particular series, […]

Case Guide 101 (Buying For Use)

Case Guide 101 (Buying For Use)

Last time we talked a bit about blade steel types, today I’m here to offer a bit of advice for the man or woman interested in getting Case knives for working. Now my thoughts on the matter are: if you’re buying for a worker, there’s no need to get high-end. As someone who’s done his […]

Case Guide 101 (Blade Composition Typ...

Case Guide 101 (Blade Composition Types)

Sometimes even the most well-versed need a refresher, or maybe you’re a beginner just starting out. No shame in either one of those, fundamentals are important in everything, after all. That’s why in this blogpost series I’m hopping into the wayback machine and laying out some information on blade types and some general information on […]

What the heck is an SFO?

What the heck is an SFO?

You may have noticed.  Sometimes we throw around a bit of jargon.  We don’t mean to exactly…it’s just that…well, after a bit it becomes habit.  Anyhow…one of the things we refer to around here is an “SFO” and from time to time you guys call us out on it…with a “What the heck is an […]