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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Abalone - An edible mollusk having a shell lined with Mother-of-Pearl found mainly off the coast of California and Mexico. The shell is used as a knife handle material as well as for jewelry.
Annealing - The process of softening the hardened tang area of the blade to give that region extra give and flexibility. This process allows the blades to ride freely against the backspring and helps to ensure proper blade fall.
Appaloosa - Smooth bone handle material, dyed brown, with light color variations. There are different colors of Appaloosa, which include Royal (Purple) Appaloosa, Red Appaloosa, Green Appaloosa, etc. These colors are based with a main color and light color variations.
Assembly - The manufacturing process of putting a knife together with all its components.
ATS 34 Steel - This is a high-carbon stainless steel with a cryogentic process in the heat treatment. ATS 34 is popular steel among custom knife makers. Case first used this steel in the Tony Bose limited production knives.
Autumn Bone - Name given to a specially developed dye color for Case that resembles autumn color of orange and black.

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