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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Baby Butterbean - Name given to the specially designed Case mini-Canoe; such as, Item #284 or / #026.
Backspring - The backbone of most folding knives, the spring in the back of a knife that exerts pressure on the end of a folding knife's blade(s).
Bail - A metal ring attached to a knife's bolster enabling it to be connected to a belt or key ring, also called a shackle.
Balloon - A term used for a swell-center style handle pattern.
Bank Street Factory - W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company's first factory building located on Bank Street, Bradford, PA from 1905-1929.
Bar Shield - A metal strip, usually stamped with the company name, shaped like a bar that is inserted into the knife's cover; usually on the mark side.
Barehead - A knife without a cap bolster on the end of the handle.
Barlow Knife - A jack-knife pattern with an extra long bolster on the blade end and no cap bolster.
Barn Hinge - An ornate knife bolster, which resembles a hinge on a barn door.
Birdseye - A knife with large rivets on the handle.
Blade - The flat cutting part of a knife, usually made of stainless steel or chrome vanadium steel.
Bluing - An acid sometimes applied to a knife blade to give it a dark finish. This finish creates a hard oxide coating which prevents the formation of iron oxide (rust).
Bolster - A metal part found on both folding and fixed blade knives. The bolster on a folding knife is attached to the front end or both ends of the handle and provides extra support to the joint. The bolsters on Case knives are mainly made of nickel silver on pocketknives and brass on lockknives.
Bone - This popular handle material for knives comes from the cow's shinbone. Bone is often dyed and jigged for use as a knife handle. Smooth natural bone is similar in appearance to ivory.
Bone Stag - A term for jigged bone, used mainly by collectors.
Bowie Knife - A term for a large, fixed blade hunting knife made legendary by famed frontiersman, Jim Bowie; Case's Item #00311.
Budding Knife - A term used for a knife with a budding blade, used for grafting.
Buffalo Horn - Any kind of horn used as a knife handle material, generally dark in color and very smooth.
Buffing - The manufacturing process of polishing the blades of a knife.
Butt or Butt Cap - The metal fitting on the end of the fixed blade knife handle, also called a pommel.
Buttermilk - A two-color cream celluloid handle material.

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