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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Damascus Steel - Steel created by folding and forging two different steels together many times. The result is intricately-patterned steel with hundreds of layers. The blades are then acid etched to reveal the steel patterns.
Delrin - A modern moldable plastic used for durable knife handles.
Die Tool - A manufacturing pattern tool used to blank blades, springs, bolsters, and all metal components used for knives. Each component for each pattern has its own tool.
Display Case - Any size wooden case with a window, used for displaying product.
Dogleg - An S-curve shaped handle pattern for folding knives.
Double Pull - A blade with two pull nail marks.
Double-Ended - A term for a folding knife with blades at both ends.
Drilled - A collector's term for a hole drilled in the bolster of a knife in order to put a lanyard through.
Drop-Point - A style of hunting knife where the top of the blade drops down toward the end of the blade to meet the point. This blade is used for general purposes and skinning larger game animals.
Dyed Bone - Bone that has been dyed. Bone does not always absorb dye evenly, and color will vary from piece to piece.

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