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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

File Blade - A blade for general use, filing fingernails, and other. Some file blades are grooved.
Fillet Knife - A fixed-blade knife with a long flexible blade used for filleting fish.
Finger Grips or Grooves - These are indentations in the handles of some kitchenware and fixed blade patterns for fingers to lay for easy and safer gripping.
Fish Scaler Blade - A multi-purpose blade used to scale fish with a degouger (hook remover) and a caplifter (bottle opener) all in one.
Fixed Blade - A knife that does not fold or close.
Flat Taper Grind - This grinding process gradually tapers and thins the blade from the top or back of the blade down to the edge.
Folding Hunter or Folder - A term used for a large jack knife.
Fork Blade - This blade is used as a utensil for eating. The Cap Lifter feature is used for opening bottles by lifting the cap.
Frame - A term used for the scale of a folding knife. This includes the liners, bolsters, and sometimes included the spring or springs.
French Nail Mark - A long thumbnail groove on the blade used for opening the blade; also called a "Long Pull" nail mark.

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