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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Genuine Mother-of-Pearl - Another term for mother-of-pearl.
Gimping - The smooth serration across the back of a blade to improve the grip; for example, Case's RussLock TM and Fixed Blade Hunters.
Glaze Finish - A dull, coarse blade finish with the grind line glazed over, not as rough as the satin finish; such as, P197L SS.
Gold Stone Celluloid - Celluloid handle material made with gold glitter.
Grease Buff - The manufacturing process of polishing knife handles on a greased buffing wheel.
Green Abalone - An edible mollusk having a shell lined in green mother-of-pearl found mainly off the coast of California and Mexico.
Guard - A metal fitting on the knife where the knife's blade and its handle join, acting as a safety barrier to prevent the hand from slipping on to the blade. Guards are used primarily on fixed blade hunters. However, there were some pocketknives made with a guard that swing up when the blade was opened; for example, Case's 6111_L.
Gunboat - A term used for a large canoe shaped handle pattern; for example, Case's 6294.
Gunstock Knife - The knife pattern that resembles a gunstock. The handle resembles a Swell-Center from the blade to the center swell, then is straight from the center swell to the end of the handle; for example, Case's 6215.

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