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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Laminated Hardwood - A man-made wooden handle material made by bonding thin layers of wood with resin and pressing together. Laminated wood can by dyed different colors and is very durable. Outside of stamina wood, Case has used little laminated hardwood for knives.
Lanyard - Cord/line attached to a knife so the knife can be attached to the user preventing loss.
Lanyard Hole - The hole put in the end or butt bolster of a knife to insert the lanyard.
Lazy - A pocketknife that does not walk or talk.(See Walk and Talk.)
Leather Handle - Handle material made of leather washers, used for fixed-blade hunters.
Leg Knife - A pocketknife shaped like a lady's leg.
Length - A folding knife's length is measured in the closed position.
Letter Opener Knife - A pocketknife with a blade in one end and a fixed blade letter opener in the opposite end.
Letting in the Kick - The manufacturing process of removing excess material from the tang of the blade, thus allowing the blade to fall correctly into the frame.
Linen Micarta - A term used for Micarta made from layers of fabric, impregnated with a resin and subjected to pressure. This can be used as knife handle material and is visually interesting because the weave pattern shows through.
Liner Lock - A folding knife with a locking mechanism made from a piece of the liner shaped to block the end of the tang when opened. To close, the liner is pushed over with the finger to release the blade.
Liners - The flat sheet metal part of a cover scale that the bolsters and covers adhere to. The shape of the liner defines the knife's shape.
Lobster - A term used for a pen knife with a lobster pick blade that opens from the bottom of the knife.
Lockback Knife - A pocketknife with a lock to hold the opened blade in place.
Long Pull - A long thumbnail groove on the blade used for opening; also called French nail mark.
Long Spear or Physician's Blade - This blade is used for scooping powder from vials and loosening caked powder. It also could have been used a back-up tool during surgery when surgical utensils were unavailable.
Long Tail C - Starting in 1986, the Long Tail C with the serial number has been used on all official W.R. Case Limited Edition Sets calling for a serial number. This Long Tail C engraved with the serial number is protected by law and can only be used by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.

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