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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Machete - A style of knife manufactured by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company during World War II for the military.
Manicure Blade - This blade is used to file fingernails.
Mark Side - The term used for the front of a knife, the side with the front of the master blade facing the user.
Marlinespike (Also Marlin spike or fid) - An implement found on some older Case folding knives. It is used on boats to separate strands of rope, untie knots or weaving rope.
Mary Petro - An employee of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company who retired in 1994, after 70 years of service.
Master Blade - The main blade of a pocketknife or the pocket blade.
Master Pack - A larger package of previously packaged product.
Match Strike Pull - A nail mark with a jagged top line.
Micarta - This is handle material made by impregnating a base material, like wood, paper, or linen, with a phenolic resin made from coal tar. Originally, Westinghouse designed this material for electrical insulation.
Miracl-Edge TM - A term used to describe a scalloped edge on some knives at W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company.
Mirror Polish - A high-polish blade finish that resembles a mirror.
Mother-of-Pearl - A handle material that comes from the inner lining of a marine shell that is harvested in the Far East. White Mother-of-Pearl can come from White Lip shells or Gold Lip shells. Mother-of-Pearl is also used to make jewelry.
Music Wire - A round steel spring used in place of the pollywog in some lockback knives; for example, Case's Mini Blackhorn.
Muskrat - A knife pattern with two thin "muskrat" California clip blades, one on each end of the knife.

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