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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Walk & Talk - The snapping sound that occurs during the opening and closing of a pocketknife.
Washita - A course-grained natural sharpening stone used for sharpening a dull knife.
Waterfall - A translucent handle material that resembles a waterfall as the knife is rotated.
Wear Resistance - A term used to describe steel's ability to hold up under abrasive pressure-its ability to hold an edge.
Wharncliff Blade - A blade similar in shape to a sheepfoot and is used a lot by seamstresses. The point is more delicate than the points on the Sheepfoot or Coping blades. Many consider the Wharncliff to be the handiest blade you can have in a knife.
Whittler - A three-bladed pen knife with the clip blade at one end and two small cutting blades of equal length at the opposite end. A whittler usually has a center spring or divider between the two springs, which tapers down and ends in the middle of the knife.
William Russell Case - (1847-1931) Founder of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company with his son, John Russell Case.
Winterbottom Bone - Bone that was originally produced by the Winterbottom Material Company. Their jigging pattern was characterized by long, lengthwise grooves which made bone look similar to stag.
Wire Frame - Knife frames that were made from heavy wire (#9)
Worm Groove Jig - The jigging pattern characterized with long deep gouges, like a worm's path.

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