A new mix on a classic


Throughout the years, Case has done a lot with stag, be it traditional, Sambar, Prime, Red, Green, Blue; it seems like every variation under the sun has presented itself over the years. Bonestag has always been a kind of interesting outliner to the overall concept. With it being bone that’s shaped to look and carry a stag finish, it’s in a very unique position when it comes to handles, showing off the beauty of stag, while holding the reliability and availability of well crafted bone handles.

The origin of Bonestag has always been something of an intrigue to me as well, as they were created out of a certain sort of necessity, first being announced and produced in Fall of 2002, a period in which embargos on the distribution of stag from India went into effect, prompting Case to make a solution while the embargo was ongoing, taking bone and running it through the same heat treatment stag receives from the plant.

As a way to showcase this semi hybrid between Bone and Stag, Case designated their pattern number would be 6.5, 6 from the pattern number that said a handle was bone, 5 being the designation for stag. Their result was so well received that it spurned Case into making several more throughout the next years; even now you’ll see new Bonestag arrivals, like the Bonestag Medium Toothpick we’re now shipping out towards the public: a new release with some amazing unique aspects of it, thanks to the union of Bonestag and the four and a quarter toothpick joining together to produce quite the treat. If the combination of the two intrigues you, you can find this item here.