Bose-Reid 2019 Event Tour

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We’ve finally made it through the winter well and proper. The sun’s been shining, birds have been singing and coming back to us, and rampant debilitating allergies have already started to take their toll on the population, turning both rural and urban areas into danger zones of coughing and sneezing.

Gotta have the bad with the good, though.
I’ll take the hay fever over ice nine times out of ten.

Anyway, with spring fully embracing us, we’re now good and almost well past April and into May, and with May on the way, we’re coming close to an event over at Eddyville that’s always been a huge hit for our Case XX fans ever since we started it.

That’s right; it’s time for the annual Bose-Reid Tour.  May 18th–mark your calendar!

We’re now at our 12th year for the event over at Eddyville Kentucky, and, like a fine wine, it just seems to keep getting better with age, and this year will be no exception.

Like usual, expect such things as hourly drawings, a sale table on dozens of quality Case knives, our own spin on Plinko, a grand prize drawing (trust me, if its anything like the last few years, this thing will be golden), and, just as good, a chance to meet and greet Ida Reid and Tony Bose!

Tony’s keen hand and eye for quality has made him one of the premiere custom knife makers in the business. With patterns like the Teardrop, the Backpocket, and, most recently, the Bullnose Trapper to his name, Tony has produced some incredibly exciting and interesting styles for Case, and it’s always a pleasure to hear him talk shop. Likewise, Ida has been leading Shepherd Hills Cutlery for almost 50 years and through hard work and dedication, has earned the trust and loyalty of some of the best folks around that we’re happy to call our customers. Hearing the stories the pair share is always a pleasure!

Last, though certainly not least, is one of the biggest draws to the show. The Case knife we’ve got commemorating our event is a limited edition Case Large Stockman in a Magician style, with Smooth Old Red Bone handles on the “Bose” side, and Smooth Natural Bone handles on the “Reid” side. With only 100 pieces produced, they are offered first to those in attendance at the show.   They won’t last long!
Give us a call at 1-800-727-4643 if you’d like to reserve one.
(Note: Reserved knives must be claimed by Noon on May 18th.)

An ADDED EXTRA BONUS is the 1-of-a-kind GRAND PRIZE Case knife which will be given away to one lucky attendee that day and is being built in the Case model shop by Mike DuBois as we speak.  Any Case knife from the hands of Mike DuBois would be a prize but a 1-of-a-kind…?  Whew! Would sure be a truly special piece in anybody’s Case collection. You gotta be present to win, so make sure you’re in the house that day!

Come on down and see us from 9 am to 12 on May the 18th at our Eddyville store.
We’d love to see ya!