Copperhead Road


Now that we’ve made it through the fall and the winter months—and boy what a winter—there’s something we all need to do. Watch out for snakes. One in specific comes to mind this go-around: the Copperhead.

The Copperhead’s always been a pretty big fan favorite, considering it’s a style that hits both aesthetic and practical appeal, a real crowd pleaser through and through.

Many people can appreciate the straightforward design, with a flared bolster resembling the head of the titular snake. The practical application of this Jack knife variant is that this said flaring ensures that the tang of the knife blades don’t snag in the pocket upon withdrawal; it’s for sure a style that has people on both sides of the fence rooting for it

Though the knife patter has been retired for a number of years previously, in 2021 they’ve been brought back, with a wide variety of handles to come through the year to come. But this snake’s on the move; by the end of the year it will have crawled off to greener pastures, much like the Congress, Barlow and Doctor Knives from years prior.

You can find a listing of the Copperheads we’ll be receiving here