Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News


We’re kicking off the New Years with some information for you about an old school knife. The Doctor’s Knife, to be exact.

This tool has had more than a few years under its belt, created in the 1800’s for traveling sawbones for the smaller finesse based work a doc might see, from cutting and sorting pills to using the squared bolster at the end to mash and crush ingredients used in tinctures and tonics of all shapes and sizes. Later releases had a edgeless spatula blade which further helped in some of the more mundane tasks one might see, such as a tongue depressor or a tool to probe wounds or potentially force out ammunition from a grazing wound from a musket round.

The unique and practical design of the knife is why many collectors cherish and value the doctor’s knives above all others, and why there’s quite the buzz about their return to the limelight in the form of a brand new series by Case. If it perks your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think!