Going Whole Hog


I’ve always admired a bike rider. I’ve never had the guts for it myself, being that close to pavement buzzing under you at anything above thirty miles an hour seems like an invitation to terror, if you ask me. But I’ll freely say the designs and look of a classic motorcycle is something to behold. And despite my aversion to eating pavement, the idea of a cross-country travel on one of those hogs is a dream almost everyone with an adventurous spirit can agree to.

Speaking of hogs, I found an interesting little tidbit out. While hog has, for years, been a term for a motorcycle, a Harley in particular, how we went from point A to point B on the term in question had eluded me until now.

See, it all stems from the Roaring 20s, back when Harley Davidson’s ‘Wrecking Crew’ were the premiere group on the dirt tracks of motorcycle racing. The team wasn’t just racers and mechanics, there was also a team mascot. A small pig.

Every victory the Wrecking Crew achieved would involve taking their mascot for a lap around in celebration. That caused the team to have the moniker “Harley Hogs” by many of the media outlets.

While that tag faded with time, hogs stayed with Harley culture as a slang for a bike even until now.

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