My Old Man

zac brown knife

The Zac Brown Band are some pretty chill dudes with some pretty class act music. This is coming from a man that has a kind of contrary opinion to just about everyone else around here in the fact that country music is very low on my priority for tunes. Don’t get me wrong, Folk, Bluegrass, and some of the classics like Cash? I’m totally groovy with. I’d even go so far to say they’re dandy. But put me in front of most contemporary artists in the field and I’ll just give you a blank, confused look, like a goldfish that only just now realized he was living in a bowl. So me calling their music good is something that I’m not just saying. Colder Weather, Free, Heavy is the Head—ok, that last one is technically rock but still totally counts—the band seems to constantly deliver on a good sound and surprisingly fun music videos. Top choice.

Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this, since if it was just music I was going to jaw about, I would have already spent a borderline unhealthy time going on about Queen and how their blend of rock and operatic music set the stage for nearly every number one rock hit that came after it.

Nah, instead I’m going to point out that Case and The Zac Brown Band have joined forces to bring a new knife to the field. This joint partnership seeks to celebrate people we grew up respecting and learning from: the old man.

The gift set has just about everything you need: a lovely jewelry box, a full-sized trapper, a metal case emblem, and, just to spice things up a bit, a guitar pick. If that draws your interest, feel free to take a look at the knife here.