New Arrivals

quickie blog

A two new releases have caught my eye, thought I’d mention to them to you right quick.

First is the Starlight Kirinite. I’ve been really pleased with how the Kirinite stuff has turned out. It’s a really bright synthetic material and, judging by some of its earlier releases, it can house a lot of variety of colors and appearances, from things like the patriotic to the cranberry, and the amount of color they can get on them is awesome. So with these new Starlight knives, I’m really glad to see their vibrancy.

Also new on the ol’ agenda is the Halloween knives. It’s the perfect time to take a look into the new Trapper and Russlock by the always impressive Linda Karst, and with the tombstone design this year, well, I was pretty happy to see it, both in its plain and numbered versions. Be sure to take a look!