New Karst Releases


Beautiful can sometimes be an overused word in this day and age. From odd, post-modern artwork that you can’t really figure out even when the artist is explaining it, to puppies that are kind of ugly but you can’t really say that to the owner because man would you look like the biggest jerk on the planet, beautiful is a word I tend to be reluctant to use because of how often it’s not used correctly.

But there are always exceptions to every rule, and there’s a certain set of knives I will say without a shadow of a doubt are beautiful: the newest Linda Karst knives.

Linda Karst Stone, for those of you fine, upstanding people that don’t know her, is an award winning scrimshaw artist—a traditional scrimshaw artist, still using the old methods of a steel-tipped scribe—and creates a fantastic product that’s pleasing to the eye on a variety of surfaces, from murals to knives to even props for movies.

With all the accomplishments she’s got under her belt, I’m understandably excited over the next Karst releases. Alongside the bright and vivid set of ten limited run pieces in a glorious angel, a magnificent monarch butterfly, and a wild dragon design, Shepherd Hills Cutlery is also bringing forward a SFO of the dragon and angel, and, in a pleasant surprise, we’re continuing the ever-popular Mermaid series.  That is some swimmingly good news!

If you want to view these pieces of art, you can find them here.