Old Growth; New Life


The rugged and untamed lands of 18th century America, when our nation was just newly formed—had an abundance of what we now call “Old Growth Forest.” Harvesting that lumber was a way of life for thousands, and the easiest most economical way to get it to the sawmill was by river.  Men called “Log Drivers” or “River Pigs”, would guide the logs to the sawmill down the winding and treacherous river way. Not only was the journey hazardous to the men that were on the frontlines—in danger of finding themselves on the wrong end of a rampaging river and a collection of runaway logs— but the logs themselves were in danger of being lost to the depths of the river, with no way to retrieve them at the time.  These logs found themselves submerged for generations, only finally seeing the light of day some two-hundred years later, and the water and the minerals therein served as a natural means of fortifying the wood, turning it denser and altering the natural coloration of the wood.  Luckily, the lack of oxygen in the water prevents the wood from rotting during those many years submerged. These logs from so long ago find new life now, serving as the building blocks for several products, from pens to furniture, and yes to slabs on a knife.

And there at the word “knife” is where my interest gets piqued, Antique River Log Knives. Case first introduced a Test Run of an Antique River Log handled Trappers back in 2010 and promptly sold out of the 100 piece Test Run.

Then, in 2012, Case started a series proper, with a Trapper and Russlock pattern, using the remnants of this two hundred year old reclaimed wood and allowing history to come to life in the palm of your hand in a really unique way.


Though the knife series itself is no longer in production, the current ongoing auction has one of the 2012 Trappers available for bidding (shown above). For me, the idea of having this connection back to the beginning of our country is very enticing.  If the Antique River Log series interests you, be sure to check it out, otherwise you might end up ‘high and dry’, as the River Pig saying goes.  Click here to go to the auction and bid! Casexx.com/auctions/