On the road to Damascus


Dating back to even before the 3rd centaury, Damascus has long been an object of desire, both in aesthetical and practical use.

This style of blade has its claim to fame in Syria, near its namesake of the city of Damascus, where several origins have validity according to historians. Many say that’s where smiths forged the metal, others say it was one of the most popular trading spots for the metal and adopted its name due to that, and still others claim that it was called Damascus steel due to the patterns within its steelwork resembling damask fabric. Regardless of the origin, the actual steel making process that once gripped India by storm faded after the recipe for wootz, the original metal’s casting steel, was lost in the 1700’s.

However, more modern interpretations of the technique and its watery, ‘streaked’ appearance do exist, with a focus on welding, hammering, folding and infusing different steel types to get the lauded and distinct style of a Damascus blade at the ready; a practice that one can see in our current auction.
The 2003 dealer knife demonstrates the fine eye and focused approach that pattern-weaved Damascus shows, with its streaked appearance it’s one of the most eye-catching things you can see on a knife blade.

If you’re curious and want to take a closer look, the knife can be found here