Shield Auction


We’ve got a bit of an interesting auction going on right now that brings a few new, or, rather, old things to the table. If you’ve taken a look at the auction, you’ve probably seen it. A few Case Pocket Knife shields with 111 on it, alongside another with 113. Well, the explanation is that Case decided to try a marketing campaign: Starting in 2000, they produced a set of 2000 knives with a 111 shield to celebrate their 111th year as a company. These knives were not a single type and had no real method to their madness when it came to sending to distributors, selecting which knives went where on a whim. The series continued in this approach until the end of 2004, with the total production number increasing for every year. (IE: Year 111 had 2000 produced, 112 had 2001, ect) Below is a collection of the patterns that had the year shields.

2000 – Year 111 Shield
#00790 Old Red Bone Copperlock (61549l SS)
#00814 Classic Green Bone Canoe (62131 SS)
#00785 Old Red Bone Russlock (61953L SS)
#00284 Natural Bone Hobo (6254HB SS)
#00128 Chestnut Bone Stockman (6318 SS)

2001 – Year 112 Shield
#01307 Amber Bone Sowbelly (TB6339 SS)
#03550 Black Bone Pocket Worn® Trapper (6254 SS)
#00280 Natural Bone Russlock (61953L SS)
#00132 Amber Bone Copperlock (61549L SS)
#00780 Old Red Bone Pocket Worn® Canoe (62131 SS)

2002 – Year 113 Shield
#03571 Bone Stag Cheetah (6.5111 1/2L SS)
#03550 Black Bone Pocket Worn® Trapper (6254 SS)
#00204 Amber Bone Large Stockman (6375 CV)
#05211 Vintage Bone Cheetah (V6111 1/2L SS)
#00263 Amber Bone Canoe (62131 CV)

2003 – Year 114 Shield
#05450 Antique Bone Pocket Worn® Sowbelly (TB6339 SS)
#03571 Bone Stag Cheetah (6.5111 1/2L SS)
#03593 Bone Stag Canoe (6.5131 SS)
#00260 Amber Bone Russlock (61953L SS)
#05449 Antique Bone Pocket Worn® Trapper (6254 SS)

2004 – Year 115 Shield
#00727 Old Red Bone Pocket Worn® Cheetah (6111 1/2L SS)
#05075 Caribbean Blue Bone Copperlock (61549L SS)
#03573 Bone Stag Trapper (6.5254 SS)
#00164 Amber Bone Trapper (6254 SS)
#00229 Amber Bone Mid-folding Hunter (61265L CV)