The 2016 Case Bose-Reid Tour Event


Traditions are everywhere. From the simple acts that we all go through on an average day, to how our families celebrate Christmas, they’re an important facet both in routine and special events that everyone does, even if they’re not aware of it.

Tony Bose and Ida Reid are no exception to that rule. Since 2008 they’ve been attending a little joint venture together called the Bose-Reid tour event, and this year is no exception.

So if the idea of hearing stories, having some fun, and talking shop interests you, make plans to come on down to our store at Eddyville Kentucky on May 7th. And don’t forget to get a Bose-Reid tour knife reserved! Quantities are set at 100, so be sure to call ahead and reserve yours at 1-800-727-4643 and, if you reserve, please pick up your knife by noon.

In addition, one lucky visitor during the tour will win a fabulous prize. A one of a kind pearl knife could be yours if you’re lucky. Not too bad of a door prize!