The Built Ford Tough Finals


We’re counting down not just the days but the hours now before the PBR World Series kicks off in glamorous Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited for one rider rising up to the challenge.

On November 2nd, Ryan Dirteater, as of this writing ranked number eight in the world, will be facing such stiff competition as Jeff Lockwood and Kiaque Pacheco in the finale of the Built Ford Tough Series, and it’s still anyone’s race! The top 16 riders can mathematically win the Championship, so there’s still a good chance of Ryan climbing up the ranks to the top and claiming victory!

As for the man himself: the word most chosen to describe Ryan with, for those that have had the fortune of meeting him at our Celebration event in September, is humble. He’s a salt of the earth kind of man who believes in tradition, respect, and integrity, and is a firm believer in hard work paying off. It’s traits and beliefs like that that make Shepherd Hills Cutlery a proud sponsor of the bullrider, and it’s also with a bit of pride in us as well that Ryan’s first 90 point ride in the Built Ford Tough PBR circuit was on none other than our own Shepherd Hills Trapper in Tulsa, back in August of 2011.

And for those of you perhaps wondering the big question, yes, Ryan carries. In fact, it’s a bit of a prime example of what I mean by tradition:  His father and he both carry the same type of knife, a chestnut bone trapperlock with a horseshoe shield. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, after all, and who knows, maybe the horseshoe will give Ryan a little extra bit of luck!