The Case Bose-Reid Eddyville Event

grand prize1

Eddyville’s show has always been a highlight for many of our customers and this year’s show was no slouch. It was a busy day Saturday, full of laughs, stories, sales and excitement.

That excitement carried well onto the reveal of the grand prize drawing, where we were treated to one unique knife that was well worthy of the ‘grand prize’ title. A Slimline Trapper, with marbled buffalo horn scales and an angled nickel silver cigar band to complement the look. And that’s not all. The springs themselves on the three bladed beauty had an immaculate design by Mike Dubois that swam along the metal like ocean waves, creating a unique rippled effect across the springs.

grand prize 2

A hearty congratulations goes out to the winner, Pam Bremer, and a hearty ‘thank you’ to everyone that came to the event!

grand prize 3