The Gold Standard


I was making my rounds the other day when I heard some exciting news: We got some of the Gold Sparkle series in earlier than expected and we’re already getting it out the door, so if you had ordered the Teardrop, Trapper or Peanut patterns, expect it to be coming your way soon.

Sorry Cheetah fans, we’re still waiting on yours. I know your pain.

What’s kind of cool about these, at least to me, is less the coloration on these in particular, and more the handle material in general. I’m glad it’s getting more exposure.

 Sure, you have things like stag, pearl, even bone-handled knives that are iconic for not only being durable, but for their aesthetics, but I think kiranite doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Kiranite, (pronounced kind of like actress Keira Knightley, only without the ‘ley’ bit) is acrylic handle with poly paper usually swirled within the mix. It’s a step up in a way from micarta when it comes to overall design and grippage, and a huge step up from the old-time cellouid handles, handles that would crack over time and UV exposure, releasing a corrosive gas that would not only rust and damage the blade it was connected to, but also potentially entire collections within a display. Kiranite is far more cutting-edge when it comes to synthetic handles in comparison, able to withstand humidity, heat and chill with the best of ‘em.

In addition, what I like about the kiranite, aside from its name (it’s like the salsa of knife handles. Saying it is kinda fun), is that it’s affordable on top of having some cool looking designs. It hits that nice niche of practical, durable and affordable enough for outside work, while still maintaining a unique look that’s all its own and wouldn’t look foreign in a collector’s display case due to the multiple color combinations you can get. For just an idea of what I mean on that, you can compare how contrasting the Gold Sparkle is with the Patriotic series and the Harley Davidson series.