The Indian Paintbrush


After spending a few days researching, then talking to an elite team of scientists and sociologists, their works, along with my own studies, brought me to a startling, unanimous conclusion.

Throwback Thursday is what most of the population favor and use, rather than Tuesday.

So, with that in mind, we’re upgrading! And I’m here to present to you our first Throwback Thursday. What a new and exciting chapter of our lives! Today is truly a red letter day.

To start it off, well, let me introduce you to the Indian Paintbrush series.

Created in 2002 as a Shepherd Hills Cutlery exclusive, this series was a set of six knives with bright, vibrant orange and yellow handles that was limited to 500 pieces, with only a scant 100 of them produced with serial numbers and scrollwork.

For a bit of a small history lesson, the coloration was based off the Castilleja, or, known more commonly, the Indian Paintbrush or Prairie-fire due to its strikingly vibrant crimson. The plant had several uses in the lives of the western Indian, serving not only as an edible plant condiment alongside other greens, but also as a hair wash by the Ojibwe, and an immune-strengthening object by the Nevada Indian tribes.