The Moon-Glo Peanut


Got a little treat for you this Throwback Tuesday. We’re taking about a knife that I personally think is nifty and incredibly unique from yesteryear. So hop in your DeLorean and get ready for a blast from the past.

Great Scott.

Anyway, today’s subject is a little number called the Moon-Glo. As the pictures demonstrate, it’s a peanut that delivers on the name: glowing in the dark with an interesting green hue, while being an inconspicuous off-white in the light.

The ‘Glo was an interesting concept, and an awesome test run (for those unaware of what a ‘test run’ means, essentially, Case will sometimes make a short run of a series before deciding if it’s able to work in regards to cost or customer interest. An example would be the Spectrum series, it initially began its life as a test run knife before graduating). Sadly, we never saw a full production of them. Created back in 2008 for the Case Collector’s Club Party, the Moon-Glo peanut was an extremely limited test run, total production limited to a scant 75. So if you got one of these, you have an impressive piece in your hands!