Upcoming Events


You know, April showers might bring May flowers, as the saying goes, but here in February we’re still fighting through snow, and man do simple showers just sound appealing in comparison, they’re something to look forward to and anticipate.

Speaking of anticipating, there are a few knife events on the distant horizon I figured we should mention. (and one that’s less distant horizon and more just around the bend!) So I thought I’d just go and show you all what was up ahead.

First off is the NWTF (National Wild Turkey federation) event, where conservation and hunting go hand in hand, and there’s plenty of fun for everyone involved, from exhibits to Case knives to raffles, there’s never a dull moment. If you’re interested, then head on over to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in the lovely city of Nashville, TN, the schedule of events puts the show from the 13th-17th, so it’s coming up quick on us!

Next on the agenda will be the OKCA (Oregon Knife Collectors Association) and it’s quite the showing. Located at the Lane County Events Center in Eugene Oregon, this event is known by many to be the place to shop around. If its Case knives, customs, or a little from column A and a little from B, then you should stop by and take a look at what’s being offered.

The OKCA will be running the 13th and 14th of April.

April’s going to be a busy month, if you’re wanting to see all that needs seen, as just twelve days and some 2000 miles from Eugene lies the Indianapolis Indiana Convention Center, where the NRA has their yearly meeting to discuss gun, knives, hunting and everything in-between. If something like that interests you, be sure to check it out, you never know who’ll show up!

Lastly, we turn a bit more towards ourselves. Like usual, here at our store in Lebanon Missouri in September we’ll be having our annual Celebration in the Ozarks. So come on down Saturday the 7th. We’re celebrating something ourselves: our little get together has now been going for twenty-five years, and, while we can’t talk about what we have planned yet, we can say we’re looking to have one heck of a showing this year, and we’ll hopefully get a chance to talk more about it as more information gets released.

And there we go. We’re still organizing some other events as they come closer, like the Branson and Eddyville tours, but as soon as a more concrete date arrives, we’ll make sure to relay the message to you all pronto!