What the heck is an SFO?


You may have noticed.  Sometimes we throw around a bit of jargon.  We don’t mean to exactly…it’s just that…well, after a bit it becomes habit.  Anyhow…one of the things we refer to around here is an “SFO” and from time to time you guys call us out on it…with a “What the heck is an SFO?”

Simply stated it is a Special Factory Order – which means it is a knife or series of knives produced by Case that was requested by us.    Or another way to say it…it is a knife that is not in their standard lineup of products. Generally that also means that we would have the exclusive right to sell that knife.  Remember “Bubba Gum”….that was an SFO.  How ’bout the “Beast” ?  Another SFO.  You may be familiar with Mammoth Tooth…yep, you guessed it.  The Mammoth Tooth series was an SFO.

You’ll notice too, in most cases, both in our catalog and on our website, that we’ll have a tiny little medallion logo that says “Shepherd Hills Exclusive” by our SFO’s.  It’s there to help you spot ’em and know just a tiny tad more about the knife.

So sorry about the jargon.  You’ll forgive us now, won’t ya?